Mens Babas - Black Sparkler

Mens Babas - Black Sparkler


Baba Loafer

First sighted in the mysterious markets of Morocco, where the most sought and supple leather was handcrafted, to becoming the must-have shoe of high society, being worn at extravagant social events all over Europe, the elegant Babouche has adorned the feet of kings and commoners for centuries. This footwear is designed for all, men and women, young and old, rich and poor.

In the spirit of Equality that we present the “Baba”, a soft, stylish, sleek treat for your feet. We at Chinelas believe that comfort, function, and style should be equally important, and in the “Baba” all three are present. Much more than a normal flat heel, the padding fits your feet providing support for even the longest days on your feet, and they will look good the whole time.

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