Fuzzy– Black & White

Fuzzy– Black & White


The Legend of La Chancla - Is ALIVE!

There are grand legends that tell of what people for decades have called La Chancla. 

As the story goes, La Chancla, whether Fuzzy, Criss Cross or Traditional Thin is a powerful, yet elusive being that has been known to take the form of a comfortable, well built, and sleek flip flop, which at any moment could be awoken to set right any misdeeds near the wearer. 

It’s purpose has remained the same since the beginning of time, to teach us from a young age to resist the urge to be selfish and spoiled, and to instead stand for what is right and just, to tell the truth, to share, and to be generous.  

We here at Chinelas share those very same values, and we hope that you do too. It is in this spirit that we offer quality footwear that provide equal parts comfort and style. By doing this, we have once again, awoken the mighty La Chancla! 

In order to keep the spirit and message of La Chancla alive, we need your help spreading the word of the myth of La Chancla.

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