Your Tango - 40 Mother's Day 2019 Gifts

April 2019

No matter the mom type, we've got you covered.

Moms are the best. They just are. No matter your age, 8 to 38 (and beyond!), many of us still have good ole mom on speed-dial whenever we want to share good (or horrible) news, need advice (or to be humbled), or to share the type of stuff you'd tell almost nobody else (or, alternatively, to remind her to stay out of your business!) No matter how complex your relationship is with your mama/mom/mommy/ma/whatever,  should you be looking to honor her with more than just a card, here's some A+ ideas that might fit the bill for the best Mother's Day Gifts of 2019. And if none of these work out — impossible! — you can always ask Mother Dearest to recount your birth story. (Kidding — or are we?) Happy Mother's Day, moms! From your progeny everywhere: we love you!

No. 6 - The Baba shoe is a soft, stylish, sleek treat for your feet. Much more than a normal flat heel, the padding fits your feet providing support for even the longest walking days, and the best part? They'll look good the whole time. Oh, and if you want a little more flare with your shoes, you're in luck. The back tab of the Baba is designed in such a way as to allow you to fold it down, quickly transforming this from a form-fitting shoe to a sleek and stylish slide.

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Sales Check - Top Story

March 11, 2019

Chinelas, which sells comfy kicks from a roving shoe truck, has found a permanent home along the pedway of Block Thirty Seven 108 N. State St.

Helmed by designer Christine Picerno, the Chicago-based shoe brand specializes in slip-on styles inspired by Argentine house slippers. There are crisscross sandals, loafers, and mules, and styles come in a rich variety of fabrics and colors. You’ll spot everything from red gingham to Mediterranean blue leather and fuzzy panther print.

Picerno’s brand was inspired by her Argentinian family, and her grandmother in particular. That’s why an in-house tea shop will offer samples of what Picerno tasted in her grandma’s kitchen.

Serving yerba mate tea, empanadas, sandwiches, and cookies, the food selection will give locals a taste of Picerno’s culture. “Chicagoans know about mate, but no one is serving it authentically this way,” said Picerno, who serves hers from a gourd with a metal straw in a press release. She added: “All specialties are family recipes and homemade daily by my husband. I can’t think of a better way to acknowledge my family’s culture and all of the delicious food my grandmother used to make us.”


Lux & Concord - Women We Love: Chinelas

November 2018

There are plenty of Black Friday sales coming up, but not all of them let you buy comfy fashion. At a good price. From a woman-run company. That’s based in Chicago. And has a pop-up here this weekend. What brand could possibly have all that?! That’s straight crazy! Except it’s not. Chinelas, a cozy shoe line run by Chicago designer Christine “CP” Picerno will have a limited-time POP UP at Block 37 on State Street, and will also be offering a great sale on Friday! For Black Friday, all their fuzzys will be 50% off, so you can keep your feet cozy this winter. But before you start shopping, Picerno is sharing her story, design process and ideal customer… Read the full story here >


Where Magazine Chicago - Shopping

Chinelas Shoe Truck - August 2018

Argentinean-American designer Christine Picerno is traveling Chicago this summer with her one-of-a-kind shoe truck that offers a modern take on a house shoes from around the world. Her shop, called Chinelas, is Argentinian for slipper and her designs follow suit with a comfortable slip-on alternative to sneakers. Choose from the loafer/mule style Babas or the indoor sandals known as Chanclas. Find the shoe truck at Randolph Street Market, Roosevelt Collection, Block 37 and more spots this month.


Arizona Foothills Style

Adventurous souls slip on these comfy travel slides for a flight, or hit the streets for a day of sight-seeing.

CHINELAS are inspired by house shoes from around the world and comfy enough for lounging but are fully-functional outdoor shoes—perfect for lazy peeps and adventurers alike. Best of all: they come in every color of the rainbow, with more than 50 shades to choose among. PICTURED: BABAS slides, $75 per pair.


Chicago Sales Check - Top Story

What better time than summertime to invest it a pair of easy-to-slip-on (and slip off) shoes? For city strolls that turn into walks through Lincoln Park or North Avenue beach, check out styles from Chinelas (

Helmed by designer Christine Picerno, the Chicago-based brand is named after the Argentinian word for slippers, and was inspired by a muse close to Picerno’s heart.
“My grandmother… tended to wear the most comfortable and readily accessible house shoes both indoors and out,” the designer said in a statement. “My family was embarrassed when she would run out of the house in her chinelas, but she protested that they were the most comfortable shoes she owned! I thought to myself–what if I created a brand that feels like a slipper, but looks like a shoe? Chinelas was born!”

Styles—all available online—include a pair of plush, pink-velvet mules ($75) and yellow crisscross sandals ($42).


Chicago Woman - Local Love

Bringing The Inside Out - July/August 2018

Destined to become the new grab-and-go slip-on, Chicago-based Chinelas is a new show line inspired by international versions of the house slipper. Argentinian-American designer Christine Picerno launched Chinelas. "My grandmother, like world grandmothers, tended to wear the most comfortable and readily accessible house shoes both indoors and out, " Picerno remembers. "My family was embarrassed when she would run out of the house in her chinelas, but she always protested that they were the most comfortable shoes she owned! I thought to myself—what if I created a brand that feels like a slipper, but looks like a shoe?" Picerno recently hit the road with a new Chinelas shoe truck so customers can see the entire collection for women, men and children.

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